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  • Kindle Unlimited

    So if there’s one thing I love, it’s a good read! I’ve been a veracious reader my entire life, thanks to my mother introducing me to the library and the joys of reading before I could speak. There are few other things in life that can give the sense of warmth and satisfaction, like finishing an awesome book. Reading is truly one of the best things in life and, a couple days ago, Amazon did…

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  • Bad behavior

    Bad behavior Bad behavior by kcarth featuring black high waisted shorts

    J TOMSON short sleeve crop top

    Black high waisted shorts

    Creeper shoes
    $38 - heelberry.com

    Anna Field black bag
    $43 - zalando.co.uk

    Monki chunky chain necklace
    $16 - monki.com

    Dollydagger heart charm
    $17 - dollydagger.co.uk

    Joyrich black studded hat
    $105 - selfridges.com

    Tech accessory

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  • Thank you Jesus!

    So, as a Christ girl, I am always endeavoring to grow in my walk with God. One of the areas that has been in need of a major makeover is my thought habits. The long and short of it is that I can be deeply negative. I have that pesky pessimistic tendencies to talk myself out of most optimistic thoughts that come to mind. I’ve called it realism and having a good, clear, head on my shoulders. I’ve…

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  • satans-firm-rear-end:


10th grade our first assignment in our multimedia class was to photoshop ourselves in this picture and make it look authentic
i decided
screw authentic im taking a selfie with my homie einstein

oh my god
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  • lensblr-network:

Red Rose in B/W.Shot with Canon t31/50mm 1.4f lens
by Monica Aguiñaga  (monica-aguinaga.tumblr.com)
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  • Who’s making it?
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